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NCISM Code : AYU0146
MUHS Code : 3212
NCISM Code : AYU0146
MUHS Code : 3212
Shri Vasantrao Banduji Patil Trust’s

Vasantdada Patil Ayurvedic Medical College & Institute Of Yoga, Sangli.


Introduction :-

The department deals with Toxicology, Forensic medicine and Medical Jurisprudence. The department consists of a fully fledged museum displaying specimens, charts, models & weapons showcasing relevant faces of medical jurisprudence, forensic medicine and toxicology.
The department provides educational inputs to the II year and III year undergraduate B.A.M.S. students in the subject of. Agadtantra, Vyavahar Auyrved Evum Vidhivaidyaka.

Salient features of the department :-

The department has Academic section and Museum which are spread over a spacious area.The department is well equipped with following teaching/learning resources:
1. No of books in Dept. library : 81
2. Medico-legal photo gallery.

Vision :-

The department endeavors to achieve the goal of becoming a bench mark as quality medico-legal and medical jurisprudence education and opinion providers as to give sufficient knowledge to handle the case of poisoning.

Mission :-

Ø To create awareness of medico-legal aspects in clinical practice.
Ø To Develop skill to deal with various cases of poisoning.
Ø To create interest in research related to toxicology and various medico-legal problems.

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