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NCISM Code : AYU0146
MUHS Code : 3212
NCISM Code : AYU0146
MUHS Code : 3212
Shri Vasantrao Banduji Patil Trust’s

Vasantdada Patil Ayurvedic Medical College & Institute Of Yoga, Sangli.


Introduction :-

Dravyaguna Department (510 deals with the quality
(pharmacognostical & pharmacological)
of drugs (Herbal/Mineral/Animal origin products etc.)

Salient features of the department :-

Museum: -Herbal drug Museum of this department is worth to mention. It is fulfilled with more than 342 dry specimens & 50 wet specimens. 107 Herberium sheets of rare medicinal plants with their photographs 210 and 52 dry herbaceous drugs & Informative Charts 105.
Laboratory: -Department has Well equipped laboratory with advanced equipments & instruments for pharmacognostical practicals.

Vision :-

To create a platform for study of therapeutic application of medicinal plants and to develop research methodology for understanding principles of Ayurvedic Pharmacology.

Mission :-

Ø The first ever mission of Dravyaguna department is to achieve academic excellence and to develop scientific approach towards medicinal plants. Establishment of rare and endangered medicinal plant species.
Ø To establish the Ethano-Medico-Botany concept with the help of traditional healers and taxonomist through the department under the section Anukta Dravya.
Ø To reach new horizons in the field of Dravyaguna and make a new path to follow others.

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